Monday, 22 June 2009

Today, the postman brought me my 12 x 12 jigsaw. It is absolutely fab, but one of the pieces doesn't fit. It looks like one person's jigsaw was numbered wrongly by the host, in which case everyone's will be the same!!! Don't know what will happen now!!!!

I have now started an 8 x 8 jigsaw swap and so far have done 5 pieces , so here they are!!!

This is my piece and the theme was 'Time'!!

This piece is for Val and her theme is 'Seaside'.

This is Frances' (our host) piece and her theme is 'Native American'.

This piece is for Fiona. Her theme is 'En Francais'.

And this one is for Julie with the theme 'Cupcakes'!!!


Kathy said...

These are looking great Paddy. Looking forward to seeing the rest - and then your "finished" jigsaw when it comes home

Angelnorth said...

What a shame you have a piece that doesn't fit your 12x12! Hope it gets sorted out OK! These look great, I especially like the native american one, the dreamcatcher looks fab!

Kaz said...

They look lovely Paddy, especially the cupcake one mmmmm

Suzie said...

Paddy, shame the puzzle doesn't fit - the same thing happened in my group! Netty sent us each a spare 'missing' piece for us to redecorate in the style of the doubled up piece, if that makes sense!
Anyway, these all look fab! Especially the cupcakes :)

Janice said...

They are lovely Paddy.

Gez said...

Wow Paddy they are all brilliant.xx

Love your tiny dream catcher!


Karen said...

I think the cupcake is my favourite X