Monday, 13 July 2009

I have now finished the 'Not So Big Jiggy' swap - the 8 x 8" version!! I am putting it on here so that it can be looked at or not!! I know some people like a surprise! I now have to get thinking about the next set of playing card swaps. We're on the the diamonds now, having done the spades and clubs! I also have an inchie cube swap to do plus an atc one. Never a dull moment!!! Anyway, here is my completed jigsaw ready to send off!!!

This first piece is for AliBlack and has the theme 'Winged Vintage Beauty'!

This in my own piece and is 'Time'!

This is for MaterialGirl197 and the theme is 'Thought For the Day'. Had to have a think about this piece!

This is dotty_dotty's piece. Her theme is 'Seaside'!

This is weaselwise's piece and her theme is 'Witchcraft'.
This piece is for new2this -our host. Her theme is 'Native Americans'.

This is for pinkster. She gave us a picture caled 'Harvest Moon' divided into 9 and we had to interpret our own piece!

This is for PrincessFiona and the theme is 'En Francais'!

The last piece is for dustyfairy and her theme is 'Cupcakes'.

Hope you like your pieces ladies!! I can't wait now for the swap to end and to get my complete one back!


Sara said...

Looks lovely Paddy. Love the interpretation for mine piece, can't wait to see it all together. Must get cracking on mine soon :D

Sara x

new2this said...

Super, Paddy. HeHe .. I get to see it IRL before anyone else!!!! I think I like this host lark!!

Little Old Me said...

Wow Paddy Im impressed - a blog :P fab puzzle bits too ;)