Wednesday, 23 July 2008

After spending most of the morning giving our bedroom a good going over, the afternoon had to be crafting!!! I decided the first job was to finish decorating the 4 ducks ready for the swap and here they are. This was a first for me, so hope they are what is expected!! Think I must now go and think about the next CJ entry waiting for me. Bye for now!!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Had to have a try at adding pics so decided on my lace ones. These are mounted on card for an exhibition our lace tutor held for all her classes! Am doing a fan now which will probably take ages to complete. Unfortunately it doesn't grow very quickly.

Sunday 20th July 2008.

Not quite sure what I'm doing, but Leigh has just sorted out my blog and e-mailed it to me!! I managed to do my profile and save it so I'm now seeing if this is the way to make an entry!!! Am enjoying the peace and quiet now as all my weekend visitors have gone! Yesterday Leigh and family were here, then my sister and BIL came and stayed overnight leaving just before lunch by which time my other daughter and children had arrived!!! They, too, have now gone!! Might manage a bit of crafting now before thinking about dinner. Will try and keep up to date with this but I'm boune to forget - at least to begin with!!!!