Friday, 23 July 2010

As usual, it's been a lot longer than I intended since I last blogged!! It has been a stressful time though as I lost my mum on the 22nd June. It was expected, but still hard to come to terms with. We were up there at the time, and luckily made it for the last time that she 'awake' and knew that we were there. The following week we were back again for the funeral, which really did go as well as it could have. I find comfort in the thought that she is now with my dad.
Since then, I have finished some Christmas cross stitching that has been on the go for ages - I have done other things in the mean-time!! These are 6 little padded squares ready to hang up!

I've also done my cards for this month's 25th club on Bubbly Funk. The theme for these was 'angels'. I haven't any angel bits, but managed to find a couple of images to colour in!!

Add Video I've also got well ahead of myself and have done the pages for August and September for the 365 calendar challenge, again on bubbly Funk. Sorry that I haven't turned them round!!!!

Hope to see you again soon! Thanks for looking!! Bye for now.