Friday, 19 June 2009

Today I finally finished the last page of a 'chunky fat book swap' on uks, so I took some photos and thought I'd put them on here!!!

This one is for Anneliese (our host) and her theme was 'Words'

This is my piece with a theme of 'Under the Sea'!!

This is for Bernice, and her theme was 'Journey'

This is Jo's page with a theme of 'Beach'!!

This one is Sarah's 'Rennie Mackintosh'!

Thia is Sharon's and her theme was 'Iconic Interpretations'!!!!

This is an 'Enchanted' theme and it is for Chris.

This was the last one that I did and it is for Shabba. The theme was Doors or Arches'
I just hope everyone likes what I have done for them!! Fingers crossed!


Janice said...

These are fab Paddy, you really should blog more - ha ha!

Kaz said...

Ooohh those look fab Mum!!

Hugs for you! xx

Angelnorth said...

These look great Paddy, I especially like the under the sea one but that's probably just the blue-green girl in me coming out!

Hazel said...

Super crafting. I love the under the sea - such beautiful blend of colours (just realise that I'm almost repeating what Joanne said - but those are definitely my thoughts too) x

Kathy said...

Paddy, these are fb - I love them all - tried to pic a fave but kept changing my mind!

Anneliese said...

Ooh these are lovely ! .. just had to have a peek :) .. love mine .. thanks Paddy x