Thursday, 31 December 2009

I think my New Year resolution ought to be to blog more!!!! It seems a long time ago that I was last here, so I thought I'd get back in the swing of it by showing you the fabulous handmade cards that I got from my lovely friends on Bubbly Funk for my birthday a couple of weeks ago!!

Maybe I'll start the new year by showing you some of the Christmas cards - when I take them down!!! In the meantime, whether you are celebrating tonight by going out, or by stopping in, have a lovely evening and a Very Happy New Year to you all!!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Hello again! Another long gap between posts!! I really must try and do better!! I've done lots of swaps in the last few months and will try and take photos and post them! My main news is that I have started driving lessons!!!! Better late than never! I have had two so far and have really enjoyed them. I have two more this week - tomorrow and Thursday. Wish me luck!!

Yesterday we went to the scrapbook show at Alexander palace. Always a great day out. My daughter and I met up with three friend for lunch which was really nice. Can't wait till the next retreat girls!! We had a good old catch up and lots of laughs. As usual I spent far too much but really enjoyed doing it!!! Here is a photo of my stash and my daughter and our friends!

Hope to be back soon! Bye for now. x

Monday, 13 July 2009

I have now finished the 'Not So Big Jiggy' swap - the 8 x 8" version!! I am putting it on here so that it can be looked at or not!! I know some people like a surprise! I now have to get thinking about the next set of playing card swaps. We're on the the diamonds now, having done the spades and clubs! I also have an inchie cube swap to do plus an atc one. Never a dull moment!!! Anyway, here is my completed jigsaw ready to send off!!!

This first piece is for AliBlack and has the theme 'Winged Vintage Beauty'!

This in my own piece and is 'Time'!

This is for MaterialGirl197 and the theme is 'Thought For the Day'. Had to have a think about this piece!

This is dotty_dotty's piece. Her theme is 'Seaside'!

This is weaselwise's piece and her theme is 'Witchcraft'.
This piece is for new2this -our host. Her theme is 'Native Americans'.

This is for pinkster. She gave us a picture caled 'Harvest Moon' divided into 9 and we had to interpret our own piece!

This is for PrincessFiona and the theme is 'En Francais'!

The last piece is for dustyfairy and her theme is 'Cupcakes'.

Hope you like your pieces ladies!! I can't wait now for the swap to end and to get my complete one back!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Today, the postman brought me my 12 x 12 jigsaw. It is absolutely fab, but one of the pieces doesn't fit. It looks like one person's jigsaw was numbered wrongly by the host, in which case everyone's will be the same!!! Don't know what will happen now!!!!

I have now started an 8 x 8 jigsaw swap and so far have done 5 pieces , so here they are!!!

This is my piece and the theme was 'Time'!!

This piece is for Val and her theme is 'Seaside'.

This is Frances' (our host) piece and her theme is 'Native American'.

This piece is for Fiona. Her theme is 'En Francais'.

And this one is for Julie with the theme 'Cupcakes'!!!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Today I finally finished the last page of a 'chunky fat book swap' on uks, so I took some photos and thought I'd put them on here!!!

This one is for Anneliese (our host) and her theme was 'Words'

This is my piece with a theme of 'Under the Sea'!!

This is for Bernice, and her theme was 'Journey'

This is Jo's page with a theme of 'Beach'!!

This one is Sarah's 'Rennie Mackintosh'!

Thia is Sharon's and her theme was 'Iconic Interpretations'!!!!

This is an 'Enchanted' theme and it is for Chris.

This was the last one that I did and it is for Shabba. The theme was Doors or Arches'
I just hope everyone likes what I have done for them!! Fingers crossed!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Well, what a naughty girl I've been, neglecting my blog for so long!!! There's always so many other things that need doing, like CJ's, atc's, inchies and now twinchies!!! In between scrapping I also have to fit in my lace making, cross stitch (I'm doing a round robin at the moment!), and knitting!!!

What has prompted me here today is that I have just finished the latest jigsaw swap on UKS. I've just taken piccies of all the pieces, and thought I would post them here rather than on our thread, so that if anyone didn't want to see their piece till the end, they could avoid it!! so, here goes!!

This is Gill's waterfall piece. It gave me the most problems and was left till last, but I am quite happy with the outcome!! I actually had to do it twice, as the first time I stuck it on the wrong way up! Not best pleased!!!!!

This is Jayne's woodland. Her criteria included 'green man' and as I hadn't heard of that before I googled it and was quite fascinated by what I found, so I went with it!!!!

This is Annie's birds!! Wasn't sure what to do until I found the branch and then it came together!!

This is Sheila's 'Vintage'. Sorry I didn't turn this the right way round. The actual piece is definitely right - promise!!!

This is Tracy's 'Opulance' This again is sideways on, but correct in real life!!!

This is Leigh's 'Egypt'. Enjoyed doing this as I love Egyptian themes too. The middle bit is decoupaged which I like (as long as it's die cut!!!)

This is Julie's 'China'. The main problem with this was the difference between China and other 'Oriental' embellishments! Also not being sure if the background paper is the right way up! Sorry Julie if it's wrong!!!

This is Annette's 'Lizards' Wasn't sure what to do on this, but then inspiration came and I was quite pleased with the finished piece. Had to be good after seeing what she had done for my piece!!!

And this is my 'Christmas' piece!! I started with this piece to get in the swing of it and am quite happy with it!!

This is all my pieces put together! Can't wait now to having all my bits back and then I will show you what it looks like!!!