Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Just realised how long it has been since I updated this!! Knew I would keep forgetting it!! Since last time I have had a 'holiday' in York. My sister lives there and I usually have at least two visits a year to go and see her. I love that part of the country and always have a super time up there!!! Tomorrow I'm off to North Wales for a week, staying with my other sister but mainly going to see my mum!!! She will be 92 in January so is not doing too bad.

I've made a couple of mini books recently. If I can remember how, this is them!!!!! Success, but not necessarily where I wanted them!!!! Sure there must be lots more I've done since last time but my mind's a blank now. Bye for now!!

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Suzie said...

Hello Paddy! Only just found your blog :) Love the ducks!!